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If you are hearing strange noises in your attic area/crawl spaces etc. and are under the impression that a Raccoon and or other animal type is in your attic. We can help, our staff of trained professionals can perform a Full Property Inspection which includes a thorough inspection of the properties attic, home interior, roof, and any other areas of concern. 

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     Note: We also offer Emergency Services for immediate on site removal.


Why Are Raccoons In My Attic ?

A very frequent call we get here is for noises or something in the attic. Most oftenly it is a raccoon, but we also of course find many other types of nuisance wildlife in attics as well. One may ask "Why do raccoons always end up in the attic"? And the best answer we can come up with is its a perfect place for not only raccoons but several other types of nuisance animals as well to get out of the elements. It is a perfect habitat for nuisance animals. The attic space acts almost as a cave and is perfect for harboring young.  

Raccoons can be destructive and dangerous to your home and family. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals but can be seen in daylight when there is an available food source.

Due to raccoons adaptability it is common for them to use urban areas as a habitat, living and sleeping in areas such as garages, abandoned houses, and most commonly attics.

Safely removing raccoons and closing all possible entry holes to your property is essential to preventing future invasions from the raccoons, and this is a job that is best left to an experienced professional. Raccoons are also known to cause damage to attic insulation as well as leave behind fecal matter.

If any Raccoon fecal matter is present in your attic space make sure to do a little research about Dangerous Raccoon Feces and what we can do to protect you and your family/business.

If you feel your attic or property has a problem with raccoons give us a call and a representative will be sent to your location to perform a Site Evaluation which consists of inspection of the roof, attic space, and any other concerning  areas. During the site evaluation a technician will be determining how many raccoons are in the attic and the severity of your problem as well as what areas are vulnerable to future entry.

"We Get 'em Out & Keep 'em Out"

 Our repair work is backed by a Warranty in which you are protected for that period of time. If you have any further problems raccoons within the warranty time frame just pick up the phone give us a call and we come back out at no additional cost to address your raccoon situation. 


Knowing how to recognize raccoon droppings is important to you because raccoon feces can be extremely dangerous.  Many people live near raccoons and don’t even know it. Raccoons are well known to live in the metro Austin area.  If raccoons are present in the area where you live, you probably know that they are fierce as well.  They will tip over garbage cans, destroy gardens, tear apart chimneys/siding to gain access to properties, cause severe damage within attic's, and if raccoons are cornered, they have also been known to attack a person or other animal.

Mother Raccoon Spotted In An Attic In Cedar Park 

This Attic In Steiner Ranch Austin Has Obvious Raccoon Activity

Baby Raccoons In An Attic Bee Cave, TX